ANew hair for summer??????

  1. I just dyed my hair med. brown this week. I like it a lot. I have had it blond for sooooooooo long. I wore it in a blond pixie cut like Sharon Stone when she had short hair. Now I am trying to let it grow out a bit for a short Keira Knightly (sp?) look. I hope to see my hair dresser within a week so he could do high lights on my hair.
    Just wanted to know is anyone making big changes to their hair this spring? If so what? I think it is fun to try new things.
  2. i'm about a week or so i'm headed to the salon to get my hair cut shorter for spring then dyed a more springy color :yahoo: (and of course a pedicure to get my feet flip-flop ready :p)
  3. i dyed my hair from platinum back to my natural color (chestnutty brown) in february. then about two weeks ago, after flat ironing my shirley temple ringlet-y hair every morning for a year (it won't curl when it's bleached), i decided see if it would dry curly now that it's a little healthier. it did and now i've gotten so many compliments that i think i'm going to leave it this way for a while.