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  1. I totally almost forgot that they made this style bag until I was just searching on eBay this morning. According to the measurements in the auction & on the lesportsac site, this bag was BIGGER than the cucciolo.
    Does anyone have one? I know they were discontinued after the Playground prints came out... I just wanted to see what the difference was in size compared to the other similar style messenger bags - ie. the stellina, campeggio, and cucciolo.

    Now that I think about it, I think they had these in the woodbury outlet this weekend - in black & green olive camo.
  2. Bigger than the baby bag, you think? I have one, it's a birthday gift for my bf but I don't think it's bigger than the cucciolo. Unfortunately I don't have a camera to take a pic for you but I have a pic of the bag I got. I also have no idea how to post it!!
  3. Okay, so since I'm of no assistance with pictures I just compared the two bags and you're right!!! The Andiamo IS bigger than the cucciolo. I can't believe it. I always thought it was the other way around!! The cucciolo may be about 2 inches longer than the andiamo but the andiamo is definitely taller/higher and much wider than the cucciolo. HTH! :love:
  4. thanks for the research jeny! :yes:

    hmm, now they need a bag between the stellina & the campeggio!
  5. OMG...they have always needed a bag inbetween those two styles.!!! You should write them and tell them!! The stellina fits all my stuff perfectly but it looks to small on me in my opinion and the campeggio is HUGE...way too big for every day use or to use as a purse unless I was a student...I so agree w/u!! :graucho: A bag in between those 2 would be perfect!