And Yet... Another Flap!

  1. Cambon Flap to be specific... It's finally here! My newly and awaited baby! :biggrin: I love this and she's perfect for an everyday bag! :biggrin:
  2. My updated Chanel family portrait!
  3. Gorgeous! Looks fabulous and I think it's one of the more rare styles from the cambon line? I've never seen it IRL.

  4. Congrats rica, this bag is sooo rare, enjoy your bag!! And best wishes to you and your lovely baby!!
  5. Thanks IceEarl & jadecee... Yes, I think this is rare and in fact, this one is on the bottom of my wishlist.. But when I saw this over eBay and the fact that it's in brand new condition, I grabbed it because i might not find one again! :biggrin: I love her.. I just used her this afternoon! :biggrin:
  6. congrats!!
  7. so pretty!!! Looks great and you're right, a perfect everyday bag!
  8. cute flap.
  9. so pretty...would love to see a pic of you holding it...
  10. it's gorgeous! does it go over the shoulder or just hand held?
  11. That's great that you are using it. It's a great everyday bag.:tup:
  12. Gorgeous, congrats and love your collection!!
  13. Never seen one of those either just online. Congrats on the rare bag!
  14. Congrats Rica! Looks like a perfect everyday bag to me! :tup:
  15. I love the Cambon flap! Do you have any pics of what the inside looks like?
    It's gorgeous;)