and this little piggy went to the boutique...

  1. well, he will one day :biggrin:

  2. Love it!! :biggrin:
  3. Awww, how cuuuute! :nuts::love:
  4. hahah i totally just did that in the past hour. i was excited about starting my savings fund so i got all artsy about it. haha.
  5. That's adorable!
  6. Ha ha ha... Good job on the "LV"!!!!

    I would have had to throw away many piggy banks if I were to make one. :p
  7. yeah man, i thought i was gonna screw that up. wanted to put it on there but was afraid they would look like crap after i did it. the one on the left is uneven with the one on the right but i guess nothing's perfect. haha. and that damn silver metallic pen got EVERYWHERE...all over my hands :push:
  8. That is sooo cute! I love it! It is sooo cute!
  9. very cute!
  10. Awww... how cute!:flowers:
  11. can u make one for me? :p
  12. haha all it took was a piggy bank from the craft store and a couple paint pens :biggrin:
  13. :lol: So cuuuute~!!

    I like him so much better than the tattoo-ed pigs in the other post. ;)
  14. lol kinda thought after i posted that people might think it was that picture again and not click my thread, lol. but hopefully not ;)
  15. Hahahahha! That's a cute piggy~