And the Winner Is.......Black!

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  1. After a short delay, I am now ready to post pics of my new MJ accessory of which I was trying to decide what color to choose (my first choice was grey but they're sold out company-wide). I actually recd it on Saturday but it wasn't ready for pics until today so here it is -- Enjoy!!

    Hhmmm.....what can it be???

  2. ZC with python trim????
  3. *really!?!?!?* *faints*
  4. my zc came in another Marc Jacobs bag ...
  5. Yes -- definitely BLACK!!

  6. ooooooooh baby!
  7. oooh quilted ZC???
  8. :nogood::nogood::nogood:
  9. hmmmmm quilted long wallet???? it looks gorgeous!
  10. quilted yummy!
  11. OK -- I can't drag this out much longer, I have to get ready for work!!
    here she is!

  12. It was really hard to capture the grey stitching in my pics -- you can sort of see it here near the top of the piece -- it is much more obvious on the smaller leather goods than on the larger, full size bags

  13. Wow, it's beautiful! congrats!
  14. Beautiful!! Glad the stitching stands out like you were hoping it would! Enjoy:woohoo:
  15. and of course, I couldn't take her pic until she was fully "dressed"! I'm still waiting for a few things I had to order online (I was surprised at how hard it was to find refills/accessories for this -- no on carries the Pocket size refills except filofax and the container store!! I actually found a few things at an office supply store downtown yesterday -- I stopped on my way to work, but no 2008 calendars -- I have to wait for my order from filofax to come later this week!