Anaheim White House's really cute menu!

  1. While I haven't gotten around to eating there yet, I thought I would share their menu with you guys, I doubt nobody could appreciate it like we would! :lol: Check out the names of the dishes!!!

    Anaheim White House Restaurant - Dinner
  2. Very cute and very yummy sounding!
  3. Everything looks so cute and delicate!
  4. Food named after designers-sounds so heavenly!
  5. omg i ate here with my bfs family and it was soooooo cute!! when you sit at your table they have the napkin folded like a mens tuxedo shirt. you will see a black bow tie in the middle of the napkin and it makes the bow tie for the tuxedo shirt (on the back is their address and stuff). when you walk down this hall to go to the bathroom there are all these photos of celebs that have been there (TONS!!).

    the atmosphere is COZY. it would be a great spot to have vday dinner.

    i didn't really like the soup, but the salad with ceasar dressing is really good!

    i highly recommend:
    Fendi Prawns Baked Pacific prawns served in shell over homemade pasta with fresh herbs and a sauteed Scallop garnish.

    Gucci Petto di Pollo Ripieno Chicken stuffed with imported ham and fontina
    cheese in a mushroom sauce

    Armani Manzo Brasato
    Braised boneless Short Ribs with pearl onions in a Cabernet sauce
    with a touch of horseradish cream

    the tiramisu dessert is really good.
  6. ^bijou that's so cool!!! Thanks for your "review"!!! I'll keep this in mind as hubby and I have a friend visiting, it might be a great opportunity to drive up and eat there! Do they have a dress code or something though? Thanks! :flowers:
  7. no problem frannita! i went for dinner and theres no dress code, but i would wear nice clothes (no flip flops, sweats, hoodies) because the atmosphere just sorta calls for it.

    the dishes look amazing in real life. the chef really goes all out to make each plate full of little details!

    oh and the butter for the bread is sooooo good! it has bits of sun dried tomatoe in it.

    let us know how you like it if you go :p
  8. I just made reservations for my gfs 30th bday there.. Cant wait.. i've wanted to go there but never got around to it. looks so cute! thanks for the review bijou
  9. Thanks for the review! I'll convince my friends to drive down there for lunch.
  10. no problem sunboopoo and cutestmomever

    i really enjoyed the resturant and they had a selection of dishes i never had before so it was really fun! hope you guys enjoy it!