An old flame in a perfect neutral shade [Instant Reveal]

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  1. It's been quite a while since I took this baby out for a spin.

    It's the perfect neutral shade for me although I haven't used it as much as I'd like to. Kinda hard to capture its colour as it varies under different lighting but I would say it is a mixture of grey and light brown.

    I have to say that I love how BV bags have suede interior rather than cloth or synthetic material, that's one of the major pet peeve of mine when choosing bags.
    I feel like bags with leather/suede lining is just of a higher quality. Do u guys feel the same or am I the only strange one? :P

    Ps: The colour is Steel.

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  2. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Weird to think of Steel as an older color. It caused such a stir when it was released. It's softened really nicely.
  4. That's very nice. It looks brand new. I also love the interiors, but I am mostly drawn to the weaving.
  5. I agree with you, especially since I've always loved the feel of suede. Love your bag!
  6. Awesome! I am eyeing a preloved "belly" and a preloved sloane now. And the pics of your "belly" is moving me to that direction ...
  7. Good looking bag!!!
  8. That is a great neutral color! And yes, I agree the suede lining is soooo much nicer than other materials.
  9. I get disappointed anytime I come across a bag that doesn't have suede. Same experience when I encounter a pricey non-leather bag. At a higher price point, it doesn't feel worth it.

    I love Steel. It's a bit "chewy" in the same way Ebano is. Luxe, breathtaking.
  10. Love your bag..WOW, for some reason I always think my Steel as grey. I saw your pictures, look like tan..

    I hear you about suede. I love how it feels in my fingers when I try to find things in my purse :smile:
  11. Beautiful~~ make me wanting another belly but in large ~~
  12. Beautiful color! I understand 100% about your lining preference! I hate it when bags are $2000+ but the lining is nylon or satin. Just feels cheap to me.
  13. Lovely! It almost looks like a hazelnut color (at list according to my eyesight and computer monitor). It will go well with some many Spring and Summer clothes!
  14. BV shares the same quality as a small group of high end bags(chanel, hermes ). You can have a piece that's been resting for years and when you take it out for a spin, you love it again, the quality, feel, look... That's the mark of a classic. Your bag is a beauty!! The color is an amazing neutral. That and all white for spring would be incredible. Or stop at your local Brunello Cucinelli boutique and everything in there would look perfect with that bag. Again, that bag is just as great now as it was when you first bought it. Smart move.
  15. I love the suede, too. Steel is such a great chameleon color, isn't it? Love your bag.