An LV Price Drop? What is going on??

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  1. Am I the only one completely freaking out about this price drop???

    I feel cheated :sad:

    I love the pics of the new Speedy B Empreinte, a front pocket, completely life changing!!!! :amazed:

    I have owned 2 Speedy B Empreintes in size 25 (the colors were nearly identical, so I sold one, but the other is mine for good) and they were each $2,840.00 plus tax (lot's and lot's of tax, thanks NJ).

    Another member of TPF said that her reservation for the 25 says it is $2,550. What the heck. Did my bags just lose value overnight????? Has this happened with LV before?

    I'm starting to feel that they are just toying with my delicate emotions. :pout:

    First they come out with the gorgeous Kimono bag and price it at the ridiculous price of $3,250. What are they on??? This bag is half canvas for crying out loud!

    Now they release the Lock Me Cavas for $2,490, looking at the Kimono you would think that bag would have been over the $3K mark easy!! (of course I had to scoop her up, at that price, I would have been crazy not to).

    I look at my bags as investments. Lovely, pretty, fancy investments that make me smile from ear to ear when I carry them! The thought of the prices of my bags going down, makes me feel very uneasy.

    Am I alone on this?

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  2. the website still says your price of 2840 usd

    will take years before second hand standard speeds will go for the price of 2840, so it is a bad investment. there are a lot of speedy's for sale.

  3. Yes, I know this, but the new model Speedy B Empreinte is set to be released in June (which in LV terms, is not actually set in stone).
  4. I felt the same way!!! I just bought an empreinte speedy 30 for $3050 usd in March and now I find out they are less.
  5. thats strange. also frustrating. never knew this was possible.
  6. Ahhh exactly!!! :weird: it's stressing me out!
  7. Neither did I, I wonder if someone who has been shopping LV much longer then me has experienced anything like this before?

    My mom keeps telling me that if the prices are dropping, then the brand is going down hill, its giving me terrible anxiety! lol
  8. maybe it is a correction for the currencies?
  9. If they want to start making corrections, they can start by mailing me some refund checks! :graucho:
  10. If the other poster claim to pay that much...maybe she will have to pay more when the bag arrives? If she get to pay that much amount and not to pay more, head down to LV and demand to get back $290. lol
  11. :cool:

    it could also possible that the 30 will be the price of the 25. maybe lv is thinking they cannot ask so much money for this bag. they maybe know these would sell for over 3000 usd?
  12. Prices fluctuate. LV has always referred to the changes as price adjustments rather than price increases. Many on this forum gave me grief when I pointed this out years ago. I got the old splash boots for $400. They were $425. Then they dropped to $400. At the next adjustment, they went up to $450. Other items have gone up and down over the years. If you search the forum I'm sure you will find other instances but the boots is the only one I remember as i benefitted from the change.
  13. It is a reinvented bag. You can see from the pictures that this new bag has a secret pocket at the front. And I would imagine the embossing won't be on the top of the bag. Also the handles look different too. Overall, this is a new style that is called speedy.

  14. By the way...That was me who said the price is $2550 on my paper I got when I reserved it in store lol!!! And I just bought my 30 less than 3 months ago. So bummed, but maybe the new version is missing something??
  15. what could be missing..... the key for the lock? ;)