An LV Dilemma

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  1. Okay, so last week I see a gorgeous LV white MC large agenda on eBay and I fall in love. I decided for various reasons buy it from the boutique and did so last Thursday.

    The problem is that, although I love it and want to use it, I fear I won't. My whole life is one agenda after another. I start with good intentions and then it ends up gathering dust in my study. So here I am with a $740 agenda that I love but don't really need and I'm afraid I'll never use.

    And then it breaks. :tdown:After one week.:crybaby:

    And the Pomme Roxbury is calling my name really loudly.

    Should I exchange the defective agenda for the Roxbury?
  2. YES!! Do it!!! Get the most out of your money!!
  3. It broke after one week?! I gasped when I read that... :wtf:

    What happened to it?
  4. personally i'll get a bag vs agenda, especially u mentioned it'll probably gather dust after some time
  5. It should NOT break. Especially after a week! I would exchange it for something you really want!
  6. The entire unit of rings just fell out!! Three times!!!! And I only had the LV refill in it, nothing extra.
  7. absolutely take it back and swap for the roxbury

    alternatively you could take it back and a replacement find some page that hold photos and turn into a photoalbum :graucho:
  8. Yes I would exchange it. Do not keep a defective agenda.
  9. I would definitely exchange it and use the funds toward a bag that you love!
  10. Sure! Exchange for what you LOVE! It is simply unacceptable for an agenda to break after 1 WEEK!

    Get the Roxy in pomme
  11. The agenda should definitely go back since it's defective.
    If you don't think you'll use it enough to justify the money get a bag or accessory instead and find a "plain" agenda as a replacement. I'm a bit the same way .. have bought many agenda and never seem to find just the right size for my needs - am always carrying one but never quite happy. I have a palm as well but prefer to see it on paper.
  12. Yummy...get the RD
  13. I would keep it, just exchange it for a new MC one, its one of the HOTTEST agenda's EVER!!! it holds plenty, I have wanted one for AGES!
  14. I'll always go for a bag over an accessory.
  15. I ended up selling my agenda because I started out with great intentions too.
    For heaven's sake, return the defective agenda & get your Rox!
    Hoping to see your pics as soon as you make your exchange!;)