An instant reveal of my unique Chanel :)

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  1. I saw this bag on the website and just fell in love. Unfortunately in all of NYC and Phoenix no one had any until today! I finally found a store that got two of these yesterday. I was about to totally give up when I decided to try one last store and it was actually there.

    What do you guys think? I've never had denim from Chanel before so I wonder how it will hold up. Having some second thoughts because I am not sure it will go with everything but I really like how unique this bag is...totally don't think of a design like this when I think Chanel. Also I wish that shoulder strap was detachable...

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  2. I love it...Congrats, Enjoy!
  3. It looks great! Enjoy! Cool for travel
  4. I love a unique Chanel bag!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  5. Love it! Congrats!
  6. I love this! It looks great on you! It's very fun and unique and looks like you don't have to baby it. I'm drawn to it too :smile:
  7. I saw this at Nordstrom the other day but didn't try it on. It looks like a bag that will be easy to use, I would just ask yourself if you will love it a year or two from now when the airline collection has long flown by....It could make for a great travel piece.

    I love seasonal bags, but when I buy them I need to really think about the longevity of the design.
  8. That's a really good point! I love the bag right now but need to figure out if I'll love it years from now! I think I'd be too nervous that something will happen to it when traveling plus it's a bit on the heavy side so may not be that practical for travel.
  9. It might be heavy due to the seatbelt lock on may get tired on all the straps on the front. If you like denim, there are some denim flaps coming soon from what we are seeing with upcoming pics from the shows. The price point on the seasonals is always so inviting.
  10. i like it!
  11. Lovely! Congrats!
  12. Very unique...nice choice.
  13. Very pretty, it's a keeper!
  14. Love it! Such an unique bag! Congrats!!
  15. I like it! Looks like a good travel bag.