An Epiphany At Starbucks

  1. I must now come out of the shadows and properly join the group.
    While I am not new to the PF nor to the fine art of purse, collecting, hoarding and obsessing, nor am totally new to Hermes, I've had a few for at least fifteen years, not to mention the watch, agendas and scarves. But my bag buying has somehow side-stepped The grande dame of them all, LADY BIRKIN.
    Since joining PF last Feb, I have bought two Fendis, a Spy and a Bag de Jour... three Chloes, A Betty, a Silverado and a large Paddy tote, a YSL big white MUSE, handle already peeling...oh, a JC Ramona....and I've probably forgotten some....I've certainly tired of most...But if you do the math, I have spent more than the price of a Birkin.
    Then, about four weeks ago I was in the Starbucks, in the small Long Island town where I spend my summers, and girl walked in wearing dirty riding clothes, no make-up, scrunchy pony tail, nice looking -- nothing special, except on her arm dangled an ostrich, 40cm, with PH...and she looked like a million bucks...i was there in my yoga clothes, no make-up, pony tail and my paddy tote and that is when the epiphany occured....if you can look amazing, smelling like horse s--t...just because of your bag, what was I wasting all my time and money doing?
    So I spent the next two weeks, soaking up all the amazing info you girls in the Hermes room have assembled....and hats off to you, at the risk of getting cyber-stoned by the rest of the rooms here, you guys are in a league all your own. And if the girl in Starbucks hadn't convinced me, you all did...
    By the end of the following week, I had a JPG black togo...and last week got a 35cm, chocolate Birkin with PH.....
    So, I thank you....I join you...I am already figuring out my next color!
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechlessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two amazing bags u just acquired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Welcome join us merry bunch ! pics whenever you can....:smile:
  4. *waves* It's nice to welcome someone with such amazing taste!!
  5. TraceyD--welcome to the forum!! I really enjoyed your story! Not sure if I could have pulled off that 40cm as beautifully as the rider you saw did, but I love my H bags more than any of the "others." :yes: We'd love to see photos of your new babies when you get a chance!!
  6. Welcome and a great story!!! Hope to see your pics soon!
  7. Big Welcome Tracy!!! What an epiphany indeed- loved it! Must post pics - I am dying to see your chocolate birkin! And i know it is every bit as fabulous as when you are at yoga or at tea!
  8. TRACEY! WELCOME to your new home!

    see, that image/look cannot be provided by any other handbag other than HERMES!
  9. Tracey - welcome! And I really enjoyed your story and the way the bags make me feel when I carry them is one reason I love Hermes. I'll never tire of my beauties - they are timeless!
    I'm begging you for pics of your new babies - especially the chocolate - one of my fave. H colors!
  10. you guys are great...soooo happy to be a part of this sooni have a very old, 16 years, poofy, squishy, giant hermes sac, i just know one of you will be able to identify...
  11. :biggrin: Congratulatoins!! we'll have to see pictures..
    for a second I thought your ephiphany was about how much we pay for drinks at Starbucks..hehe
  12. Welcome! Terrific story! My Hermes epiphany started very much like yours did, but it was on the New York subway and involved a gold peau porc lisse Kelly with gold hardware.
  13. Traceyd, Welcome and congrats on your new bags! I "remember" you from my brief stint on the Chloe thread... (I also decided to "get serious" after I had dye transfer issues with three different Chloe bags and then a chipped lock...oy!...not to mention a 1-year Balenciaga addiction followed by some "Muse" disappointment)... My Birkin ship came in recently as well! Enjoy!!
  14. Wow!! That's awesome!! CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the Hermes forum!!!!

    Btw, you said the handle of your YSL Muse is already peeling? How long have you had it and how often did you use it?
  15. HI TRACEYD!!!!

    Great Story - glad to have you aboard!!!!!!

    You'll never stop at just one.........