an elux rep told me palermo is seasonal...

  1. is this true? i don't 'need' one until march/april, but i don't want them to be all gone! anyone else know/heard otherwise? thanks so much!
  2. the palermo is a perment collection item, so you don't need to worry.
  3. ^unless it doesn't sell well then they may discontinue it
  4. I think the tivoli collection will sell better than the palermo.

  5. true, true. but i think its safe to say that it'll be around for 6 moths at least?

  6. yes, it has been. for me, i prefer the palermo- super comfy and very versatile. the tivoli is lovely, but i really didn't like the straps on my shoulders.

    i didn't want to miss out on my palermo b/c i'm trying to be good! thanks for your help, everyone!!!

  7. oh yeah definately
  8. The Palermo will definitely be around for a while- elux and 866 people are often clueless.
  9. I was told it is permanent..
  10. I think the Tivoli is selling better than Palermo for now but I think Palermo will catch up. It is such a cute practical bag!