An Anniversary Reveal...

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  1. Right ON cotonblanc! :tup:
  2. And so... my FIRST CELINE:loveeyes:
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  4. My First Celine
    Large Box Bag in Powder

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  5. thank you all for letting me share!!
  6. It's beautiful! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Thanks for posting the great photographs!
  7. Thank you for sharing with me!
  8. beeeautiful!!! happy 9th anniversary!!!
  9. Thank you baileylab! All God's BEST in the plans He has for you!
  10. gorgeous! happy anniversary. xx
  11. thank you smashinstyle!
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Congratulations on your 9th anniversary and welcome to Celine!

    Your box is a beauty. Enjoy.
  14. Thank you jessdressed!
  15. Thank you for the compliments Aluxe!