Amulette de Cartier

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  1. Hi Guys, can someone please help me, does the black onyx piece comes in a yellow gold? or is it only in rose gold?
  2. only in rose, but it's almost indistinguishable from yellow gold!
  3. Thank you sweetheart! I really appreciate it..

  4. The new amulettes are showing up on the cartier website! i adore the lapis one, but it only seems to come in the medium size but I would prefer it in the small size :sad:
  5. They're so cute in person!! I havent seen Malochite yet but I'm excited to. So far the lapis Is my favorite.
  6. I love the Lapis one as well! it's very expensive compared to the others at $6700. I wish it came in a bracelet but i'm kind of glad it doesn't...less temptation :graucho:
  7. Does it come in the ring? I can't decide if I want a necklace or ring.
  8. From Cartier IM. I think the pierced earrings look really nice! I may need to see them...:smile:

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  9. lapis x diamonds are $12,900. All diamonds are $21,800. I hope they are not heavy...

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  10. LOVE that ring! Saw on the website it´s even more expensive then the bracelet, thought it would be the other way around.
  11. Those lapis and malachite pieces are gorgeous…especially those lapis earrings :O
  12. I'm still not a big fan of the design, I don't think it's lux enough for my taste but that malachite necklace with diamonds is gorgeous. The new colored amulette will be in Dubai's btqs by the end of April.