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  1. I went to my salesgirls today, to see what they know about Amore.

    They're not getting it. They were told that only Saks is getting it (or Saks and something else I don't remember). That seems weird, because Pulse is supposed to be getting it...but I guess it lines up with what we've gathered so far, that it's only going to be carried in the department stores.

    I tried to find out about styles, but they didn't know (they wanted to know where I get my info...maybe they'll join TPF too!), since they apparently aren't getting spiaggia either.

    So I guess the summary of all this: these prints are going to be a pain in the ass!

  2. what store did u go to?
  3. I see the eBay snipers starting to :drool: already when they read this!
  4. I hope Saks have it because saks is here in the midwest!
  5. I didn't think Saks carried lesportsac ... too cheap for them :shrugs: I think I checked there....:hrmm: I know I checked Nieman and wayyyy too cheap for them!! Great, this stinks if Lesportsac isn't going to carry them then the Lesportsac outlets will never get those prints either, right?
  6. A store in Toronto.
  7. Well...the Lesportsac guy did write, "only available in upscale dept. stores" about the amore right? Our macy's sure isn't upscale. But, it looks like Macy's will carry it due to their snafu with the pic. But if Sacs gets them....maybe Off 5th will get them too??????I hope so!!! We have a couple of those in Nashville!
  8. Well maybe stores that didn't previously carry toki will now carry toki :shrugs: This is so hard to keep up with who's gonna carry what! :cursing:
  9. Maybe they just like driving us nuts.
  10. I think you hit the nail on the head w/that comment! They're contributing to my insanity!! I don't need any help in that department!!
  11. ^ :yes: Where it'll be sold... the release date... everything is driving me crazy about it too!
  12. Everyday I come on here I'm always hoping that I'll see a blog saying that someone saw Amore in the stores or that Casey called and she's shipping all of our preorders. :true: A girl can dream... And then I snap back into reality and still no amore :lecture:
  13. why isn't it april yet?!
  14. lol ...real soon it will be..funny thing mine is the opposite of frogbubbles...i was told that the stores here wont be carrying it and just all the sudden, they say they will carry it now haha...
  15. Lesportsac direct told me today to be "looking for a new print very soon". (I didn't even ask her about new prints...they were out of what I as asking for in an older print.) So they might actually be selling it online.