Amish Friendship Bread

  1. Anyone ever made this? I received a starter from my sister in law and I'm baking it tonight, just wondered if anyone has made it and really liked it.
  2. how did it go :smile:? i'm bad at baking and all my friends can still remember what happened in school 15 years ago .. don't ask :p.
  3. OMG I remember this stuff!! Petrina_Yeo, I think I had the same thing... did you make more batter and give it to your friends in a paper bag for them to make? If so, these stuff is realllll good... please post the recipe if so :smile: :smile:
  4. I LOVE bread and I would love to do this, my starters that I've made in the past came out good, just I had no idea to keep them alive and I don't bake often, at least not now..

    Sounds great though! Let us know how it turned out and if you have any pics. :smile:
  5. Is this the recipe where you make the batter, have to divide it into 4 bowls, you bake 1 and give 3 to your friends?

    If so, we did this before. Tasted good!
  6. LOL, wow, a blast from the past! The bread is great...but it is kind of hard to get out of the cycle once it gets gets going...once all my friends had the starter, we just were all drowing in AFB!!!
  7. Yep, that's the one! It turned out really good, I'm workign on my second batch right now (it's still in the "fermenting" stage) I guess I"m just going to have to dump the other starters down the drain after this batch though because I don't know anyone else who wants one! I wish I could mail them to you girls but I don't know how they'd do in the mail.

    This was a sweet cinnamon-y bread which would be excellent in the fall and winter with nuts added in! I would consider it to be more cakey than bread like...kinda like banana nut bread. I wish I had a not sweet version though, that would be really good.

    For those that want to make it but don't have a starter, here's a link to make your own starter and then the direction on how to make the bread itself.
  8. Come on, you've got to tell me what happened now! :yes:
  9. Oh, could you please post the recipe?
  10. I tried to do it one time, but half way through the waiting process (you know like when you have to knead the bag) it started getting a greenish tint so I tossed it!


    Im not letting u cook for me......HEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!JOKIN!

  12. LOL, you should have seen Craig's face as the mixture sat on the counter for however many days it has to sit for. He was like, "OMG! Throw that out! It's a biohazard!"
  13. ^HAHA!
    I woulda made him eat it anyway....hehehehe
  14. I ended up throwing it away before I even baked it. LOL, I think that makes me a bad friend.
  15. My friends and I made this in college! Making it was easy, eating it was even better! The best part is that you get to share the recipe with your friends :yes: