1. Yoooooooo Hooooooooo! DANIELLE WON! I love that girl! A good speach coach and she's on her way!!!:biggrin:
  2. i'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy she won her cover girl photo was to die for......absolutely gorgeous :yes:
  3. She needs a really good speech coach like ASAP. She's beautiful, but she's so hard to understand!
  4. So true! I LOVE her face! AND HER SMILE!:yes: She's just adorable!
  5. ohhh. i vowed to never watch ANTM after the last season where they chose the WRONG winner and I can't believe I actually stuck to my vow!

    My sis has this season TIVO'd for me if I ever change my mind though so maybe I'll watch it this summer.
  6. at least it wasn't jade!!
  7. I knew she would win! I just finished watching it! =) She's so CUTE! I love her!
  8. I am so happy she won! Love her personality and beauty! If the speech coach never works she'll still be a great photo and runway lady!
  9. Yep!:yes:
  10. oh my god you did spoil that for me!
  11. I second everyone who said that at least it wasn't jade. That girl has a serious attitude problem. I'd like to give her a good smack across the head!
  12. Gotta 3rd or 4th that. With that attitude she'd never be liked. :huh:
  13. ohhhhhhh , i thought Joanie would win(no offense, i think Danielle is nice too)!! she is so gorgeous and takes great pics!!!
  14. Personally I didn't think Jade was pretty. I liked Sara. I thought she was so pretty. Too bad she missed the final 3.
  15. I liked both of the final two, (so glad Jade was finally given the boot!) but I was hoping Joanie would win. I really liked her shots, but Danielle definitely was better on the runway.