American Eagle Outfitters makes 100% leather purses?!

  1. So Im looking at the AE site to see if theres anything new. I look under their bags and wallets section and the first thing I see is this:

    I think the price is expensive seeing as its American Eagle. Ive seen nicer Coach or Juicy. And Im not a fan of the inside pattern. What do you think? Maybe its one of those bags you have to see in person but I know I would never buy it since its not my style. They also have a leather hobo/tote bag but Im too lazy to post the link. :upsidedown:
  2. Not a fan.
  3. I don't like it, plus the handles don't even look finished to me.
  4. Soooo plain. Needs some buckles and grommets or something.
  5. It is good as a school tote.
  6. Love their belts and clothing. Not so crazy about their womens jewelry, bags and shoes.
  7. Meh. Too plain - not worth the price.
  8. Im really surprised to see them carrying a leather bag. I actually think it is pretty cute, but agree with the poster above who said it looks very "school tote".
  9. Too plain for my taste.
  10. I feel like I could get something much nicer for that price.
  11. totally

  12. ditto. I've bought nicer bags at sample sales for similiar prices.
  13. I think it's a little pricey, but would make a good tote for school (and really, their market is for teenagers and college students, so it makes sense for it too look like that).
  14. I doubt I'd ever look into AE when I'm shopping for leather bags, but it does fit with their basic, casual style. at least if they're going to bother making a leather bag, they're using real leather!
  15. i couldn't agree more.. :yes: