Amazonia Tote Maitenance?

  1. I bought one of the totes from e-bay during the summer and have been using it and love it! I recall reading something about needing to use wipes or some cream or something for the bags - does anyone have anymore info? Is it something they sell at the store? I think these are discontinued or am I wrong on that? Thanks for any info!
  2. Yes, you have to take care of your amazonia of the rain.
    You will find in your Hermès shop "speciale lingettes" in a little box specially for Amazonia leather. (I thinks it's free)

    btw, the amazonia leather is discontinued.
  3. Thank you! I will the scooter!!

    I spelled maintenance wrong btw! Ooops! Can't fix it...
  4. I posted something in the leathers reference thread, but, I found some latex cleaner/maintenance spray that I use periodically with a soft cloth on my Amazonia GP bag, since Amazonia is basically latex. Easier than the wipes. That said, I am letting my bag get sort of dull-looking as an experiment. Best to wipe away any raindrops as soon as possible to avoid splotches.
  5. you can get the wipes at the store (NY has them) for about 10 dollars for 10--I find I need to use one after the rain gets to my bag because the rain leaves a spotty residue--but the wipes make it SO brand new it's kind of fun to see the transformation
  6. The wipes also help the Amazonia from cracking.
  7. Thanks everyone! My SA wasn't in today but will call tomorrow.....It's a great bag...
  8. It is amazing how well the little towels refresh the bag, I wonder if there is a limit to how often we should use it, I have been "refreshing" the Amazonia every 4 months...hopefully not too much?:shrugs:
  9. Yipes I refresh it every time it goes out in the rain---twice a month, I'd say. I hope it's not bad to overdo it
  10. I have been eyeing the very model for years!!
    Congratulations on such a lovely piece of history!

    Good luck keeping it precious.