Amazone or regular canvas strap for Etain Kelly Togo.


Mar 16, 2012
IMG_2253.jpg IMG_2256.JPG Beside my skinny leather strap which come with my Etain Kelly, I like to order 2 extra canvas straps :
- Strap #1: canvas part is Etain / Togo leather part is Etain
- Strap #2: Amazone strap. * Hermes email me these color options (see picture) I can choice for my Amazone strap, unfortunately I don't see Etain color for leather part . Do you think this color option: colors of canvas: 6T Toundra / 30 Noisette , and color of leather : 18 Etoupe are best match or NO.
I need help, is any suggestion : order one regular canvas strap and cancel Amazone strap. TY
Jan 15, 2011
amazone straps are cool but I think it's a little odd if the straps don't coordinate with the bag even in the leather. I'd get both canvas straps IF you can use one on another bag.