Amazing on Ebay...


Jan 6, 2006
I justed wanted to write and tell you how funny it is to see pictures of LV bags and items on Ebay that are completely blurry. Don't seller realize that.... What is the use of taking pictures when potential buyers can't see anything except the shape and color. Further more, theres buyers out there who will bid on thsse stuff. I feel that if the purse description/details are not clear, sellers are hiding something.
blurry pictures are the worst. it's better not putting in a blurry pic IMO. and yep, i definitely think they are hiding something.
I just saw an auction yesterday, where the seller had NO pictures of the bag- just a pic of Paris Hilton wearing hers. And had the nerve to write 'DO NOT ask if item is authentic':blink: like he/she would be offended by the question.

Not only that, the bag had a few bids on it:wacko:
yes i hate it when all they have is a stock photo of the bag. come on, gimme a break! so lame. i would never bid on those, and i don't feel bad for the people who do.