AMAZING NEWS I just heard from my SA this evening!

  1. Well - this is fabulous - you can be doing something wonderful and save 20% on the bag you've been lusting for all at the same time! I just heard from my SA (who is amazing) in Atlanta. Sit down for this ladies... Jimmy Choo is supporting Camp Twin Lakes (a camp for children with serious illnesses and life challenges). With the purchase of a $60.00 Partner's Card you can receive 20% off at Jimmy Choo from Nov 3 - 11! It gets better.... The 20% off includes the Autumn/Winter 2007 and House Collection AND also includes exotic skin bags including crocodile! 100% of the proceeds from the Partner's Card goes directly toward Camp Twin Lakes.
    My SA is Phyllis and she is located at the Jimmy Choo store in Atlanta. You can reach her at 404-475-2800. I believe they are even pre-selling for this event! Phyllis can give you more details, but I just thought it would be selfish to not share this with you all! Hope you find this to be exciting news! :wlae:
  2. Thanks for spreading the word, now we all have a wonderful excuses to shop! :tup:
  3. Oh wow! Do they have info on this on their website?
  4. I don't know... It didn't sound like it was something that every Jimmy Choo store was participating in. It sounded like more of an exclusive thing and it has to do with buying the $60.00 Partner Card. Phyllis is exceptional (I know we all have our favorite SA...) so if you are curious or have any questions I would just give her a call. She is extremely friendly and obliging, and I know she wouldn't mind fielding question calls as she does this for me all the time - with some of the stupidest questions! Her number is 404-475-2800. She did say that only Jimmy Choo boutiques have rec'd the Cruise collection.