Amazing new handbag shop in HK!!!

  1. I just wanted to give all you ladies a heads case Hong Kong is in your future travel plans....I found a new store in Central called Twist, and it is handbag heaven!!! It has everything...from Hermes (Birkins and others) Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, name was there!! It is not a second-hand shop, but instead one big store which houses all brands. The prices were discounted a bit (not much), but it is worth checking out, just to see everything in one place!! and accessories also!!
  2. Thank you. I hope to get to Hong Kong soon, but I doubt
    I will be fortunate enough to do it this year.:sad:
  3. All those real bags in one place! Yikes, I've got to go there! Thanks for the tip. An extra reason to travel to HK!
  4. Really??? Thanks for the info! I probably won't get to go to HK anytime soon, but a lot of my friends go there, so I would definitely pass the message to them and hopefully they can bring me back something nice as well, hehe.
  5. Wow! That sounds heavenly! Thanks for the tip!
  6. whoa, that's amazing! Hopefully I can go back this summer... Can you tell us where in Central to be exact? Is it close to the Landmark side or IFC, etc? Thank you!
  7. reply to location, it is one block up the hill from the Balenciaga store in Central...which is on the corner of Queen's rd. and Peddar St. Happy shopping!!!
  8. Thanks Annemerrick!!

    I'll be flying to HK tomorrow!! Yay!! Definitely will check out this new place.
  9. Thanks Anne! HK here we come!!!! Yahooooooooooooo
  10. oh God, i missed HK :crybaby:
  11. They have another branch in Causeway Bay, HK. I've been threre. There are shoes too. It's next to World Trade building behind Sogo department store
  12. Thanks for the tip!