Amazing Bordeaux City on ebay with $899 BIN

  1. INSANE price, someone is going to buy this in a heartbeat for sure --- goodluck with the auction!!!
  2. Great leather, looks similar to the leather on my marron city. Somebody better grab this!
  3. omg... omg... today is the day of the AMAZING BINs!!!!
  4. somebody bought it already!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess you have to be quick and don't even think about submitting an offer!
  5. that was an AMAZING price congrats ocgirl! :yahoo:
  6. congrats ocgirl! i was sooo tempted to click on that button, but no money. please post pictures when you get it!!!!! YAY!
  7. You are getting a wonderful bag, ocgirl! I have bought and sold from this FABULOUS pf'er, and all her her bags are in mint condition! (probably better than new) Congrats to seller and buyer!
  8. That was fast. Congrats ocgirl! What a gorgeous bag. That leather looks scrumptious!
  9. OMG, I got it! I was heating up a bottle for my 5-month old, and while I waited, I figured I'd log in to tPF real quick. Saw the post, hit BIN and baby started complaining. So I went to feed him, and got distracted. He finally learned to eat solids, yay! Anyway, I just realized I got that bag!!!! LOL.
  10. This one still isn't even showing up on searches yet in ebay, so I guess it illustrates the point that you need to check Achtung! as regularly as you check eBay if you want to score a deal. ;) Congrats ocgirl! :smile:
  11. I know, I don't understand do people find it before it's available in search?
  12. They get 'inside info' ;) The seller can give a person an auction # or the direct link to the auction. The auction already exists and is accessible, but the eBay search database does not have the auction information recorded yet. It usually takes about 4 hours from the time an auction is posted for it to show up in searches. It will take even longer than that if the seller revises their listing at all in the meantime.
  13. congrats, ocgirl!
    05 bordeaux is fantastic!!
  14. Wow, my head is spinning!! Congrats OCGirl!

    And how cool of that seller to not try and make a huge profit from the bag... essentially she just got back what she paid. Yay for nice people!:flowers: