Amazing birthday instant reveal!!! (plus story)

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  1. So my birthday just passed, and I was planning on buying myself a bag. I had saved up and had finally decided that the Chloe Faye would be the bag, although I had no clue which color or size as of yet. What I did know, was that I fell in love with the python leather mix since I first saw it at Saks last year in New York City. It was perfect, structured, stylish and mature, with a hint of printed fun. I love unique bags, but I had splurged on a Fendi lasercut Selleria Peekaboo a few months ago which had cost a pretty penny. Python wasn't going to fly this birthday in my budget.

    In comes my mother...

    My mother had been at the store last year when I fell in love with the Chloe. I honestly didn't think she remembered, besides me stating how I was saving for a bag and loved the Faye still. Well, on my birthday I arrived to an amazing gift that I am so grateful for. I would never ask her to splurge on me like this, but with my graduation around the corner and acceptance into teacher's college, she thought it was a perfect present to "represent my hard work earned." She is the most amazing mother anyone could ask for. Without further ado...reveal time!:biggrin:
  2. The beautiful Chloe Faye Medium in Python and Black Leather! Apparently this bag is hard to track down; my mom had ordered it a few months ago and was waiting forever. She had to drive to New York City to get it from the Chloe store. Did I mention I'm in Toronto, CAN? I seriously cannot believe my mother. The gratefulness I feel is incredible. :love:

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  3. Congratulations! bag is gorgeous and your mother is amazing!!

  4. Thank you! I know she really is ️
  5. Your mom is adorable. And you're one lucky girl.

    Happy birthday! Enjoy the bag in great health and happiness. Congrats on your recent accomplishment! :smile::smile::smile:

  6. Thank you so much, I am feeling insanely lucky and blessed
  7. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:

  8. Thank you!!! :biggrin:
  9. Love love love your story - and your bag is gorgeous too :tup:
  10. Thank you :hbeat: