Amarante Vernis GM Brea??


Apr 19, 2009
As a graduation present my mum has offered to buy me a new bag :biggrin:, whilst out shopping yesterday this bag caught my eye. I love big patent bags, so far virtually all in my collection fit into this category!

The SA said that he would not use this as an everyday bag, that the leather was delicate and easily scratched. I would be using the bag in rotation so I wouldn't use it exactly everyday, but when I rotate I tend to use the bag for a few weeks and then swap rather than swapping everyday. I notice it does have feet so it should be slightly protected from the floor, but I have a purse hook so I'm not really in the habit of putting it on the floor.

Does anyone that owns this bag agree that they wouldn't use it for everyday and it's delicate?


Oct 15, 2006
I don't have this bag but none of my Vernis bags are delicate. I need to be a bit careful with my SLG since they get thrown in with keys and other junk in my purse.

I do treat the vachetta with Apple Guarde so the handles don't get dirty.


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Dec 20, 2006
I also, do not have this bag, but have other Vernis bags. I consider Vernis very durable. In fact had a 4-Key Holder in Vernis and after 2 years of daily use it still looked brand new.


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Dec 20, 2009
@HanaB - Delicate? Vernis? I don't think so. I have the Vernis Alma MM, the Tompkins Square, the Mallory and a Mirror Pochette, and I wouldn't call them "delicate" pieces. I use my Mirror Pochette every day, and it still looks like it did on the day that I bought it. My bags don't have marks on them either. If you're going to rotate your piece like you said, then I'd definitely GO FOR IT!