Amarante roxburry drive ?

  1. hi folks,

    i've done some shopping with my mom this saturday and while i was exchanging the tobago pocket organiser for the denim flat pouch, she fall in love with the roxburry drive model.

    I've told her there is a new color around the corner and she's very excited about it ... but do you think if the roxburry dr will be available in amarente ?

  2. I am hoping so, cause I have been thinking about the very same thing... gorgeous combo!!! Your mom has good taste!!!
  3. Unknown to me at this point, but I'm hoping that the Biscayne Bay PM will appear in the new color - I saw what I think was a photoshopped pict of it in a really dark color with honeyed patina and it looked fantastic.

    But the Roxbury is always in style, and it is fantastic in Pomme if you can get your hands on it.
  4. Ha, Veronika you and I always seem to get on the vernis threads
  5. yep! Roxbury, fabulous in Perle
  6. I'm waiting for that color in Roxbury also. *fingers crossed*
  7. ditto.
  8. ^^ Ditto! I want an amarante roxbury SO BAD...that's my favorite vernis bag style...
  9. me tooooo :drool:

    can some one photoshop it ? :nuts:
  10. I hope it comes out in this style too. Already told DH, I am getting it if it does!
  11. I Though the armante was just an INCLUSION color... not soon to be Vernis... I know the Pomme was both but past Vernis colors wern't always teamed up with inclusion..

    correct me if I am wrong
  12. Wow! They're already gonna be sold out! Maybe then, I'll be able to get my azur speedy..heehee

  13. Now that you mention it, I wonder if this is true because I tried to ask about the new vernis color at the boutique, and they thought I was nuts!
  14. I think its going to looks great in the new color. The pomme is 2DF.
  15. The Pomme is really gorgeous though, my mom loves that colour!