Amarante Pegase Question

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  1. Does anyone know if and when the pegase in Amarante will be rereleased? If so, when?
  2. I think its been out... its been out for awhile now. I'm not sure if they were limited or not though, sorry.
  3. i think they were sold out last i heard,
  4. My SA told me they were being rereleased in May.
  5. :huh::huh:Ooo:huh:h, sounds good.
  6. They were sold out last summer..., werent they???
  7. Yes, they sold out last summer and are being re-released (to my dismay) this spring.
  8. ^Seriously! When I got mine last summer, I believed they were "one shot."
    I can see if they had just done Violette but WHY Amarante again. :Push:
  9. Hey Reb do you know when they are going to come out with the MC pegase? I remember some chat about it when the Verni ones were coming out.
  10. ^I actually hadn't heard about it. I'm sure they WILL do one in the future but it seems that they're on quite a Vernis kick right now.
    If anything, I'd *think* they'd come out with them maybe around the same time as the Monogramoflauge. But definitely don't take my word for it, I'm just trying to think logically (which doesn't always work when it comes to release dates, seeing as how they still haven't made a black MC heart lol).
  11. Any word on whether they are going to offer the pegase in the '60' size or only size '50'?
  12. ^Nope, only the 50 whenever they do one of these "special" LE ones.
  13. Makes sense. Thanks:heart:
  14. No problem!
  15. Thanks for the info. I think I want to jump on the wagon this time around. Any idea when they'll be released? and how much?