Amarante BUY IT NOW on Lv Uk !!

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  1. Ok no picture yet.
    SORRY If it's old to anyone.
    I just spotted it and went :wtf::nuts:
    So it says Buy it now on all of the Vernis items (Small leather goods to)
    I'm excited to see them irl!!
    I would love it in Cles,Zippy & Houston!
    Anyone going to buy any of the Amarante line?
  2. OMG!!!!!!! THANKS! I've been waiting for this, although LV doesn't sell online in Switzerland, it means they are available in Europe. I need to figure out what I want the most though. :yahoo:
  3. Sadly I can't buy from UK!
  4. thanks i justed checked it out shame they havent got any pics but i would love to get something from that colour
  5. Well thanks for the heads up.
    good to know we have a sneak preview on the way!
  6. Was so excited but unfortunately no pictures.
  7. ^ Aw sorry didnt mean to get you too excited! hopefully pics will be up soon though :smile:
  8. looking forward for amarante...
    just wondering when will the items be available at the boutiques? :rolleyes:
    i wish for a bedford or roxbury drive in this colour :love: i dun mind if it is pomme... either!! so tempting.....
  9. Wow i want to see pictures of this. I need a vernies piece to add to my collection for sure.
  10. Just had a look....inclusion bracelet piccies look fantastic. I shall be getting one for sure.
  11. i want some inclusion!
  12. cool. can't wait to see pics!
  13. Oh Cool.
  14. Amarante Bags/Wallets not yet available to purchase by UK e-shopping. Technical error!!!
  15. I wish they would put some pics up.