Amarante Agenda ??

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  1. Do you think that they will come out with a amarante agenda? If so, how long before they do?

    I really want to buy a agenda and would love one in that color and I'm wondering if I should hold out for it? What do you think? :shrugs:
  2. ^^^ Yup, it is already out and it is so pretty! :girlsigh:
  3. Oh my god!! Seriously!! Im on here all the time how could I have missed that?? This is great!! I wanted somthing in amarante when I saw the color IRL I had to have it and Ive been wanting a agenda and now... oh man.. you have seriously made my night!! I just bought a new purse and now with this information... I am almost.. speachless..
    thank you!!


  4. Post picts up when you bring that beauty home!
  5. I think it is adorable!
  6. I never thought about this colour in an agenda, that could be something:idea:please post pictures when you get one!