Amalfi horsebit...anyone have pics??

  1. Hi, I called an outlet store and they said they have this bag but i have no idea what it looks like. Does anyone have pics or links so i can see it?? thanks in advance!!!
  2. omygosh beejerry! I called the cabazon outlet and ordered an amalfi bag all thanks to your link!!! thanks so much ;)

    ps - I also purchased a horsebit clutch as well..will post pics when I get them ;)
  3. Awesome! I hope you LOVE them :smile:
  4. hi, here's mine :graucho:.
    l:heart:ve it!

  5. LESLIEX: could you tell me how big this bag is? the measurements ive read online sound pretty big...15x9 or something like that? its a gorgeous bag!!!
  6. thanks:p! I've got the little one, it's around 30x35 cm (or 12x14 inch ?). here is a modelling pic (sorry for the big pic)

  7. Thanks so much for you help!!!! I really like the size you have...lets see if the store has any left..wish me luck!!! thanks again!
  8. ^ you're welcome & good luck!!! hope they still got one:yes:!!