Am thinking of quitting as there's too much of LV and Coach

  1. Hi i have said this before as well but i feel we have a lot of LV and Coach on this forum. I for instance love the Marino Orlandi range of Italian leather bags. I am kinda lost on this forum and make just look to quit until i find like minded friends who enjoy similar leather bags. Though i must admit the people here are lovely and courteous but i guess being a guy i like big huge leather bags and dont see too many here.Like my attachment i have put here or the link is eBay Store - Kelsey's Dream: Designer's Handbags, Marino Orlandi, Dooney Bourke. Kindly share your ideas and let me know your reactions.
  2. I have 2 Marino Orlandi's, and zero LV's (with no plans to buy).
    If you want to read threads from people who have "different" bags, the best thing to do is start one. We're out here.
    I agree that everyone seems to be focused on the same few names, but everyone has her own taste. If ya got something new, bring it. :smile:
  3. Thanks for your encouragement. Wasnt sure how many would like to see anything new and different. Would like to see yr Marino Bags
  4. Hi stock, if you do a search for threads started by a lovely lady named heavensent, you'll find she's done a great job highlighting many independent handbag designers. There are many of us out here who love reading about new up-and-coming designers.

    Did you see the link I posted to the Tano Boogie bucket?

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price
    Thoughts on that bag, please?
  5. Thanks passerby. Yes that was nice
  6. The only reason I have purchased LV is because the first speedy I owned is now being loved by a friend and is 19 years old with no signs of wear. But, that certainly doesn't mean I don't love other bags. This would be a good thread to keep going.
  7. Keep it going!! If a bag "speaks" to me, I buy it!! There are plenty bags that are very well made with excellent quality that don't have initals all over them. I think balance is the key. I love Gucci and LV, but also TANO bags, Cole Haan, Donald Pliner......I could go on....I just looooove cool purses. Period.

  8. I guess we should hang in here and let people know about what we like. Hopefully, who knows you'll get some converts! I know I've learned a lot.
  9. Post your bags! Trust me, I'm an LV fanatic, but I love looking at other designers...and I know not everybody loves LV. Just keep them coming...
  10. Well, I do not own an LV or a Coach, by preference. I do like Fendi a lot, and certain styles in other mainstream lines(think City, Paddington, Horsebit) not even because they are it bags, just because I like them.(and some have grown on me) I usuallyrun straight for somehting that looks different from everything else, so that is what I really enjoy here on TPF. Everyone has new designers, brands, styles and sites they introduce me to all the time that I would not have found on my own. You have to put it out there to get a response!:yes: oh, and BTW, I like some of those Marino bags, but do not own any yet!
  11. Oh, goodness...some of those Jacqueline Jarrot bags (the fringe hobo and the clutch) are FABULOUS! I love them. Have never seen them in a store, but then again, my shopping options are not so sweet around here!
    Thanks...I will have to comb through that thread a little more!
    GASP! Charlott Vasberg...that suitcase bag!!! OOOOOHHHHHH....I want one!!!! Going to look at Barneys!!! Oh, geeeeez I love that bag!!! GRRRR....they don't have that one....still looking!!
  12. I think many of us would love to hear more about independent and not so mainstream designers. I know I would.
  13. I have a Marino Orlandi that I really like. It's a large bag in yellow leather with brown trim.
  14. I confess I'd never heard of Marino Orlandi till you mentioned it in your introduction message. It can take awhile for new names to "register" with me. The way you describe them makes me want to see one in real life--they sound lovely.

    I guess there just can't be a board for every brand, only the most popular, but I'm here to learn so I'm happy you posted this.