Am in desperate karaoke situation in China and need to know...

  1. Who sings this song:
    First I was afraid...I was petrified
    Just thinking I could never live without you by my side...
    But then I spent so many nights just thinking how you did me wrong
    And I grew strong....and Ilearned how to get along...

    There are a few beersa under my my friends if my typing sucks...but anybody know the singer and name....????
  2. LOL..Why cant i think of this name???LOL..Im singing the song in my head...HEE!HEE!
  3. Aahhh...I have to know!!!! Jill...I will be singing this shortly...if anyone can think of the name!!!
  4. I cant get this song out of my head now..LMAO..OMG!
  5. "I will survive" - Gloria Gaynor

    (Am I dating myself? :smile:)
  6. Gloria Gaynor!!
  7. ^AWEEE!!!!! I just googled it..WAHHHH..LMAO..You beat me to it..hee.hee.hee
  8. Yay...I am in a karaoke bar in China...fully prepared to make an ass out of myself..and this was my song of choice...and couldn't remember its name for the life of me!! I can always count on my PF friends!!! Thanks ladies...I will be visiting tomorrow...hungover and humiliated!!!!:smile:
  9. Have fun at the karaoke! I love going to KTV
  10. That's a great karaoke song! Where in china re you? My DH is there now, too.
  11. oooh, i love karaoke. me and my friends use to sing upbeat songs and dance like crazy.
  12. We have a little karaoke mike thing and that is one of my favorite songs. My kid love it too, haha.
  13. It would be fun to have a TPF karaoke-a-thon... if enough people had microphones. :biggrin:
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