Am I weird?

  1. Okay, I have a hangbag obsession (like most people on this board :p ). I have a bunch of really nice Guccis, Chloes, Pradas, Marc Jacobs, etc....but I carry a $40 bag from Target to work every day. Why? Because I don't think my work clothes are cute enough for me to carry my nice bags. I usually just wear black pants and a sweater and throw on a little makeup and come to work. For some reason, I feel like if I don't look cute, I shouldn't get to carry one of my cute bags. So that leaves the weekends for me to carry my bags and most times I'm too lazy anyway to go out or carry the same one every weekend. So most of my bags just sit in my closet and never come out. Am I crazy? :confused1:
  2. Yes honey :smile:
    If you have some gorgeous bags, don't be shy, or lazy and just show them to us and other people on the streets. There's nothing better than to see a great bag!
  3. Actually, one of the reasons I love my handbags, is because I can look like a total schlub that day, but when a person in the know sees my handbag, they know I may look like that today, but it isn't all the time. I think a gorgeous bag elevates anything you wear. :smile: You should definitely be wearing the nice bags to work.
  4. Sandy

    I am like that at times too as some of my bags I am actually afraid to use!

    Ok ok I know I am weird!

  5. Cute yourself up w/ one of those swanky bags!
    Sometimes my bag is the only thing cute about me.
    Like today, gym clothes, I went to the gym, ran errands and it's snowing here, again!

    Let your bag make the outfit!
  6. Wear the bags!! ^^^ Like they said...a great bags makes an ok outfit really cute!
  7. life's too short to keep gorgeous bags in the closet!

    i remember from that movie, in her shoes, with cameron diaz the sister of her character having all these gorgeous shoes that she just stares at.

    i stare too but you gotta bring em' out every once in awhile and let them get some sunshine!

    lol i only buy things i like look wise and wear it all the time. really don't care what others think
  8. Wear the bags! You are going to look back one day and say you should've worn them!
  9. OMG get them out!! Start using them..They'll lift your mood..which was why you bought them in the first place, right?? B/C you loved them!! Use something you love every day!!! :heart: Emmy
  10. I tend to do the same thing- rely on my black nylon prada instead of all of my amazing bags...but I do that more out of fear of over wearing or dirtying the other purses in everyday tasks or to keep co workers from staring at me and thinking I make too much :smile: Do what makes you feel comfortable! But do make sure those bags get some glory time on your arm at some point!!!! Don't be a closet purse enthusiast ;)
  11. i do the same. i dont dress up for work at all...boring pants and a top.
    and i carry my prada nylon as well (from high school).
    i feel i dont have a good reason to use my good stuff
  12. i have the most boring wardrobe. i buy black and white 3/4 sleeve tee shirts wholesale from American Apparel. i wear one almost every day with a pair of jeans and a simple pair of black Gucci ankle boots. i also wear no makeup. BUT i throw a cute colorful designer bag into the mix and i feel chic instead of bland. go ahead and use your nice bags. it'll only make your outfit look better.
  13. I sometimes do the same thing but for other reasons.
    1. I may not want the bag to get dirty at work.
    2. I don't want the bag to get stolen!
    3. I don't want all my co-workers in my business and see all my fab bags!!
    So if you're wierd, what am I?
  14. I do the same thing. One the weekdays, I'm taking some courses or doing research in an office and labs so I wear casual gear and end up wearing my Prada messenger backpack in most cases as I don't want to lay my precious bags on the areas where it can get dirty. And sometimes in the summer, when I go for quick errands, I end up always carrying my Pewter Lolli bag b/c I'm paranoid of getting the nice ones banged up. I WANT to use them more, but I always end up saving. Also, before, I had more LVs in my collection and I didn't want to wear a logo bag in some situations. But now that I have more subtle bags, especially the Balenciaga black one and the BV's I can wear these better!
  15. Same here.. When I go to work, I don't want to carry to a nice bag. I want to, but I don't want to risk the chance of getting it dirty or stolen.