Am I too small to carry the Brief?

  1. Okay, I'm dying to order a RH black Brief from Aloha Rag. I've loved using my black Day, but it hasn't really replaced my City just because it's such a casual bag. I think the Brief would really do that while still being different from all my Cities.

    But I'm 4'11" and 85-90 pounds depending on the day, and because the Brief is long, I'm concerned that it will just overpower me. Any opinions? Pictures of you with your Brief with your height for reference would be very much appreciated too! I really want this to work out, and I'm fine with an oversized bag as long as it doesn't look stupid. ;) There isn't one in my area for me to try on.

    Please let me know your honest thoughts!
  2. How about getting a the new step or stepping out bbag? It's a cross between a city and brief. :p

  3. ^Hm, I've thought about that, but I still think it looks like a carpet-bag. I like the Brief and the City, but their spawn... not so much.
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Agreed!!
    I like City and Brief as well, but not the new *The Step* or whatever it's called. You know, I don't think Brief is overpowering for your frame. I'm 5'3" 98lbs and carry Work on the daily basis and sometimes WE(WE is reserved for traveling and shopping:p ), they're not overpowering at fact, I love carrying a big bag. WE may be too big for your frame, but definitely not Brief!
  5. Pardon my stupidity.. but what is a carpet bag? :p
  6. I love big bags too even though i'm not that tall (quite petite) but i don't think it's too big on me even i carry work/WE......i think brief will suit u well......:smile:
  7. A carpet-bag is what Mary Poppins carries around. ;)