Am I too old for this?

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  2. I don't think you're too old for the style but the camo is not pretty at all! Search for just a canvas bag and some even have a wash like men's pants do to make spills more likely to run off. Like a water-proofing sort of finish
  3. Oh thanks! I was thinking maybe lesportsac, but I can't find any prints or styles that I even remotely like right now!
  4. I'm 35, married with 2 kids too and frankly I don't think I would carry that bag. The camo isn't fetching and there are so many other options out there. IMO you should keep looking.
  5. I like it and I do not think you are too old for it. I think the color looks faded in the pic. The camo HL bags I have seen are definitely more of an olive green camo, more the traditional color. Just because you are not in your 20's does not mean you have to carry boring bags. I am 41...almost 42 and like to carry all different types of handbags. Don't limit yourself. I agree that a LeSportSac would be great, though. They are just about indestructable and very good with spills, etc.
  6. i'm 34 , married, 3 kids. If you can rock that style I don't think you are too old for it. Personally though I love orla kiely bags. The laminated canvas ones are great ( wipe clean!!!) so I'd definately recommend them if there is a print you like!
  7. I am with if you like then wear it!

    I am 40 and I rethink clothes because of my age but a purse, never. Just because I can wear and it fits doesn't mean I should.

    I was thinking that you might want a Lesportsac too, it seem to fit the bill of your needs at this time. I have 3 children and didn't get a good purse until they stopped grabbing and pulling on me and my purse!

    Here is a Lesportsac you might not want this Tokidoki print but I do know they make it in solid black.
  8. Not at all! It depends on what you wear it with though... I could see Jennifer Aniston (no kids but she's 37 or 38) with this bag on a weekend day with a cute, classic white t-shirt and a pair of nice jeans... or cute beach type khakis... she does the "30-something american girl" style beautifully IMO!
  9. I am 41 and I carry all kids and colors of handbags. You dress the way you want to no matter your age.
  10. I agree with this sentiment, and I'm not conservative, but I would not carry this bag. The whole "Hajaruku Lovers" thing was trendy three years ago, and it might look like you're jumping on a teenage bandwagon too late. It reminds me of when I was a teenager, and older people started gelling their hair up wearing t-shirts with the word "Punk" splashed across their chests.

    It's not the camo, but the logo and writing. I think even an army surplus bag would look better.

    Plus, if you are still changing diapers, there are so many cute diaper bags out there now with matching change pads and pockets designed exactly for the stuff you have to carry around. It's so much more convenient.
  11. I'm not into camo and I'm 27 and without kids. Have you looked at Longchamp? Anything nylon should work for you.
  12. target has alot of great function bags that are great for diaper bags and afterwards when your kid(s) grow out of it.
  13. i don't think the style is too "young" for u but i'm not liking the camo :sad: