Am I too late for Iris?

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  1. Am I too late to find anything in Iris?:shame:

    All I've been seeing is Iris in Nikki style..did it come out in any other style?

  2. Luna Boston has the Nikki on preorder. The Hip Chick has the Nikki as well as the Morning After in the Iris/Purple combo on preorder.
  3. As Daydrmer states, the Morning After comes in Iris with Purple Lizard trim. I beleive it was confirmed in some other posts that the Morning After will not come in a "just Iris" color.
  4. Revolve also has the Steady in Iris/Purple Lizard, and I was informed by LB that the Beau Tote will also be available in Iris/Purple Lizard.
  5. that stinks, i really wish it would :crybaby: