Am I the only one with an avatar problem? (Not related to technical difficulty!!)

  1. I just can't decide!!

    I love my pic until I upload it, and it just doesn't work for me...I am just to dang indecisive!!

    Am I the only one with that problem???
  2. I think your photo looks great! I have a different problem and that is I can't actually figure out how to upload a photo !
  3. Sunny, i was actually trying to change my avatar for the first time in months...i swear i tried out at least 30 different ones before i made up my mind...and im still not sure if i chose the right one ;)! welcome to the club!
  4. I've only changed my avatar twice it confuses me when people change their all the time I forget who I'm talking to so I just keep mine the same in case I confuse people