Am I Missing Something??

  1. I went to try the Large Bleeker Duffle on today - decide for sure on a color, etc...and was surprised to see that the strap wasn't as adjustable as I thought. There was no way I would be able to wear this bag cross body (which was the goal). The strap was way to short. I could see the smaller duffle had a longer strap (it was doubled but could be elongated easily), but the large???

    So, is anybody wearing this bag cross body, the way the Coach website shows?

    Btw, I'm 5'10", but can't see how that would be the handicap, seeing as my torso is short and I'm mostly legs.

    Any advice? I really want to buy this large bag during the Dec PCE in British's so lovely!

    I searched tPF and didn't find anything regarding this...hope the issue hasn't already been hashed out.

  2. I felt the same way!! I thought the strap was adjustable!! It s not that adjustable!! I have the same problem with my regular medium duffle.. the straps are adjustable!! but my XL duffle, u can only adjust it so much... I wonder why they didnt make longer straps for bigger bags??? The bleeker fit me cross body but it wasnt as comfy (i/m 5'5')
  3. I wear my Bleeker Bottle Green Large Duffle cross body and have no problems at all.
    For reference I am 5ft 2 inches tall.
  4. I'm 5'4" and the large duffle is a bit snug cross-body, especially with a coat on. I think it's a bit harder for those of us who are curvier on top. :yes:
  5. It's funny that this topic should come up because I was talking to my SA yesterday and requesting that she put the duffle on hold for me (for PCE this weekend). She asked me whether I wanted to wear it cross-body and I told her yes. She then told me that only the medium ones can be worn cross-body and the large one is very, very snug....unless you were very petite but then the large would be too big for your body! Wonder why they did that? :shrugs:
  6. Thanks for the replies...glad to see I'm not imagining things. I'm 5'10" (weigh about 160)and have a big bust so this may be why it's not just snug on me but a physical impossiblity. I would look like I was trying to wrestle myself out of handcuffs trying to get it on and off cross body.

    I've been on and off the fence with the cross body look for years, because, quite frankly with large breasts, sometimes having a strap run between them makes them only more obvious. And should the strap not lie perfectly in between but hop over and smash one of the girls, well, then you've really got an lovely look! ;)

    :girlsigh:Oh well, I still want it, but I'll just wear it on the shoulder. It's still a fabulous bag.

    Thanks and TGIF!:woohoo:
  7. Someone in another thread also mentioned that a Coach SA helped her wear the large duffle cross-body by using the whip-trigger keyfob to extend the strap just enough to make it more comfortable. The hardware on the keyfob matches the bag. Here is the link:

    I might do this to make it more comfortable for me to wear the bag cross-body in the winter-time with my coat.
  8. Thanks...very creative solution. I'll look into it.

    Appreciate it!
  9. It's odd that they wouldn't make the strap longer. I'm not planning on wearing mine crossbody since I have the ergo hippie for that purpose. I'd extend the strap though with either the Coach keyfob mentioned above or an additional dogleash clip in brass found at a hardware store would probably work.
  10. wahhhhh i m a DDD :'(