Am I missing a Lindy raincoat?

Apr 14, 2009
I just returned from Paris with a lovely pink Lindy 30. Very happy with it!
Except that I am now not sure if it is supposed to come with a raincoat? Could Lindy owners enlighten me? If it does come with it and I am missing the raincoat, what should I do? Get in touch with the local store or write to the Paris store? Thanks!


Apr 23, 2008
And even if the Lindy was supposed to come with one, you still wouldn't be missing much. The "rain capes" are pretty worthless in protecting a Birkin. The handles aren't covered, and if there's the slightest breeze, the "cape" blows up and sometimes off the bag all together.

It's much easier (and lighter) to carry a folded, fresh trash bag in case of rain. It isn't terribly elegant, but It works much better in protecting the entire bag.

Enjoy your lovely new pink!
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