Am I just being paranoid?

  1. So some of you know that I will be getting my first Chanel in a few days - it's not a brand spanking new one (already started a purse fund for that!) but a vintage Jumbo Classic that a lady got estated to her.

    So this is where my paranoia begins. It's beautiful, in mint condition. The lady who actually owned it first (a family member) only used it on special occasions. The hardware is still shiny, the leather is still so pretty, and it's just a fantastic looking purse. It's from the 80's - but looks great! I keep wondering why in the world this lady is selling it. She told me she just can not get past the gold hardware and wants it to go to someone who will use it and love it instead of sitting in the bottom of some closet. She's only selling it for $500.00 - is that too good of a deal or am I just nitpicking?

    It's authentic, no question about it, and I figure since I so want a Chanel right now and this is one that can cure this craving I have .. then go for it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jumbos!

    So my question is .. if one of you were in my position - still saving for the brand new one but DH is wanting to get you something for your anniversary .. would you just go ahead and do it and NOT worry about why this lady is selling for so cheap (as opposed to a new price)? Maybe I look into things too deeply.
  2. if it's authentic and you love it - get it!

    unless you can get a brand new chanel in the next month or so before the price increase i say go for it before it becomes unattainable.. and since you love jumbo's too why not!

    didn't read that your DH is planning to get you something... don't buy it unless your dropping some pretty major hints
  3. No - this would be a part of my gift - I know he got me a necklace already and spent more than we agreed on.

    I guess I'm just questioning too much why she's letting go of it when it's so beautiful. LOL. I shouldn't worry!!
  4. Since you say there's no question about the authenticity, I wouldn't worry about it.

    The woman had the bag estated to her, so she's not as concerned about the selling price as an original owner would be. Plus, she might think trying to get more money for it by selling on eBay, etc. is just not worth the hassle. Sounds to me like you've lucked out in getting a great deal!
  5. Congratulations, what a deal!! It's in excellent condition. Gold hardware is my fave for black. It adds a simple touch of elegance, warmth, pizzass. It's the only hardware color offered back in the 80s. Sounds like a gift from the Chanel god, so enjoy it and carry it in good health!
  6. That is a heck of a deal and one that I would not pass up on a classic bag. Grab it while you can and keep that savings going for the next one. I can relate to the gold hardware thing. I have a vintage small classic flap with gold hardware that I hardly ever use because the hardware is gold. I'm just a silver or platinum kind of girl. I'm very matchy-matchy and it bothers me when I'm wearing all silver and the hardware on my bag is gold. I have the same beef with Louis Vuitton. I have some great LV bags but they don't get used much because of the hardware. I say if you'll regret it if you let this one go, then buy it! Keep us posted.
  7. Exactly.
  8. In about 45 minutes, I'll be going to pick up the purse. I'm so excited! Hopefully it looks just as good in person as it does in the pictures. :girlsigh:

    The time just seems to be ticking sooo slow. Urgh!:hysteric:

  9. congrats on the great deal!
  10. Congrats! Let us know how it goes and don't forget to post some pics.:tup:
  11. congrats to you for scoriing a great authentic bag!!! Post pics when you get her. ot : alouette, omg Owen loves his mommy and doesnt want to leave lol!!!
  12. OMG. She is just absolutely beautiful. The pictures the past owner sent me did NOT do her justice. I just wanted to hold the purse in my lap the entire ride home but .. refrained. BUT ... It's smaller than I thought it would be. I'll post pictures. I thought it would feel weird wearing it single chain - long .. on my hip - but it didn't at all. Feels great on my side .. like it's always belonged there. Does that make sense?! :heart:

    My DH even held it and commented on the quality and how great Chanel bags looked. He's never seen a Chanel before irl. He was really impressed with the looks/style/quality and even said .. "NOW I know why you like them so much!" - :yahoo:

    I'm in love ... he's surprised that I'm willing to wear it as an everyday purse. I want to show her off!! Plus it's just so pretty. Any of you wear your classic Jumbos as an everyday purse?

    Now I know for sure....this is going to be the start of an obsession ..
  13. Congratulations on your first Chanel flap!! I'm glad you like it so much, enjoy it!
  14. Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics!
  15. Congrats! An authentic vintage Chanel jumbo for $500! I saw the pics you posted in Authenticate This thread and it is beautiful

    I hope you use your savings for a romantic dinner out with your DH and new chanel!