Am I Entitled?

  1. Hi all,

    If you remember, I got myself some last minute birthday gifts during the PCE, the Legacy heart fob and the ponytail scarf.

    When I ordered, they asked me if I wanted it gift wrapped to which I said yes (of course!). I just received it thursday with no boxes or nothin :sad: Just the fob and scarf in their plastic bags.

    Can I call and have boxes shipped to me? Or what's supposed to come with keyfobs and scarves?? I even fibbed and said "they are gifts". Hmph...maybe it's my karma.
  2. I would contact them and point out that they were gifts and you had requested gift wrapping. Why would it be Karma? Weren't they gifts to yourself for your birthday? If I ordered something for myself near a special day such as Birthday I would ask for gift wrapping.
  3. It'd be my karma cuz at the time I didn't even think about it being a gift for myself, I just stated they were gifts so I'd get my gift wrapping or at least boxes :smile:

    I'm just bothered by it because I was ASKED if I wanted them gift wrapped before I even had to request it!
  4. Check your reeceipt, in the detail of each item ordered there is a line that reads, Gift Wrap Y or N. Did the SA reply 'Y'? If not, then they didn't honor your request at the point of sale. So go back to the boutique for the boxes that are missing from your purchase.

    It's not a question of being entitled, you made the request, did they honor it?
  5. I don't actually see a line like that on my invoice. I wasn't sent a receipt like I'd get if I bought in the store, this is an invoice.
  6. thats weird go back and get some!!
  7. I'm sorry, I thought that you ordered it in the boutique. If you're near a store, just go in to request the boxes.

    Did you receive an email from COACH to confirm shipping (and do you still have it?)? On that email it also indicates if this purchase is a gift. That atleast lets you know if your request was heard.:supacool:
  8. You are definately entitled to gift boxes because Coach has that service available, and you asked for it! I would call them or go to a store if it's close by and say all you got was plastic wrapping and that you would like dustbags and boxes.
  9. Heck yeah LOL!
  10. I ordered this from a store in Milwaukee during PCE because I don't have a boutique close by. Didn't receive an email for confirmation.
  11. Like the rest of the people have mentioned, if you have a Coach store near you just stop in next time you're near and ask for boxes. Better yet if you bring your merchandise with you, they'll probably wrap it up for you right in the store -- that's what I do for people. Just bring the receipt so they know you bought it through Coach and not at Macy's, or something... :supacool:
  12. It seems to me like you ordered through CS888#/JAX? I requested gift boxes with my order that did not arrive and emailed to let them know, they offered to send them under separate cover (mail them to me) but at that point I declined. They will send you boxes if you contact them!

    I also called a boutique to place an order, who inturn had to order it from JAX, you do not get a store receipt, you get a shipping invoice. Because the purchase is paid for through the store, the purchase price does not show up on the invoice. Also, the CS at the boutique, asked for my email address, to which JAX was able to send the shipping confirmation. Perhaps you can show the invoice to a boutique and get boxes?
  13. It has nothing to do with being entitled or not. Whether items are a gift or not, if they offer gift wrapping and you take them up on it, then you should get it. It was an honest mistake that I'm sure any boutique would rectify.