Am I crazy?

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  1. To pick a reade pm over a saleya pm??? I think I just REALLY want a vernis bag! I love the saleya, but I don't need a practical bag right now, plus I lug around a large work bag with me everyday so I can carry a small bag as my purse and whatever doesn't fit I can put in my work bag.......if you agree on the reade what color do you think? I could always get the saleya another time or ask for it for my B-day or x-mas......
  2. Just get the bag you'll use the most!:yes: Reade is a beautiful bag!!!:love:
  3. i totally LOVE the Reade PM... yeah stick with the Reade PM...!!!
  4. Nope. You choose the bag you love the most. Don't worry about anything else.
  5. I say get the Reade!!!! It's such a cute bag!! And it holds alot too!
  6. Get what you really like :yes:
    Framboise is gorgeous!
  7. I love both, but have a BH, Looping, Speedy, stuff like that which would be fine in place of the Saleya my dilema is that I've always liked the Cabas Piano but can't get myself to buy it b/c of the vachetta bottom and the saleya kinda reminds me of a damier version of the piano. Then I saw Jane's pictures and it seems so nice to get in and out of considering it has a zipper.......please keep giving me input!!!!
  8. I think the reade is fab! I think you made a great choice
  9. It does hold a lot??? It's so pretty and I don't see a lot of them, I think that is going to keep the top of my list spot! Now it's between noisette and perle, but if Hawaii has indigo I may be torn, though do really like how the reade looks in the light colors.....I'm gonna get the small agenda in framboise, it's not my kinda color but it's so pretty so I figured I'd at least get it in an accessory....
  10. Agree with the girls get what you LIKE:yes: .It is such a cutie ,as for the color I vote Indigo! :tender:
  11. I`m not sure what the Saleya looks like but the Reade is so cute. Choose whichever bag you want more, bot the bag you feel you need more. I still want a bag from the Vernis line too :biggrin:
  12. I have to agree the reade is cute. I'd like one in fuchsia or red :smile:
    I say get what you're going to use most.
  13. Get what you are in love with! :yahoo:
  14. I'll be @ the waikiki LV store in November, let's buy some Vernis together lol!
  15. I think the final color decision will be what I completely fall in love with in my hands at the last minute.....the indigo is so pretty...ahhh....I have a blue mono mini alread and nothing really light so that's why I was thinking perle or noisette...

    You guys are awesome!!!thank you!! this is soooo much fun, my friends never listen to me about this stuff and my husband gets tired of it too quick.....