Am I crazy to pass on Gold Mirroir Pochette?

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  1. I just got a call that they got in a gold mirroir pochette into the scottsdale boutique, and I passed on it! I have a silver papillon, and I recently bought a Sophie on ebay, which I wanted more that the gold pochette. Did I make a mistake? Is it really gorgeous?
  2. IMO, if you didn't want it, you didn't want it. You liked the Sophie better so that's what you got :smile:
    I personally really love the gold pochette and hope I'm getting one for Christmas, but you might find that you'll get more good out of the Sophie instead.
  3. I like both bags, but I like the 2 straps on the Sophie and can use them with my other bags. Plus, I need to start saving for the 07 stuff which will be out in the next week or 2!
  4. I don't think you made a mistake.