Am I crazy for passing on the purple???

  1. So ladies I gotten a couple calls (yes 2) from great SAs about the metallic purple reissues. And both times Ive passed.:push: (Although, one of my SAs is still giving me about a week to think about it) Though I love the purple color, I almost think its too trendy to spend that much money on. What do you ladies think? Am I crazy for passing these opportunities up? Or do you think I should just go for it?? (Are we sure its not too trendy?- Thats my major hold up) Please Help!!! :s:sad: TIA
  2. I don't find it trendy at all. The thing you'd have to think about most is if the metallic purple goes with the outfits you currently wear now. Will the purple match with the colors of clothing and shoes that you already have?

    I LOVE the metallic purple, but if given a choice I'd get it in a color that I would be able to match more easily to my outfits, like the metallic navy.
  3. I believe it all depends on your existing outfits! Why not go through your wardrobe again? If you find the metallic purple doesn't match the majority of your clothings, then passing on will be a smart choice.
  4. If it was me, I would choose the purple based on my other bags in my wardrobe--- like for example, do I already have other basic handbags that will go with everything like a black classic flap, white classic flap, etc. And if I already have the basics, I would go ahead and buy that gorgeous purple... it's traffic stopping!
  5. Well put.

    Another thing is - what colors do you currently have in your Chanel collection?
    For me I needed to purchased my basics - black, white, brown, navy classic flaps - Now that I have those I really wanted to add color to my collection. So maybe kind of looking at what you currently have vs how the color would work for you.
    Just a thought...
  6. i always follow my heart :heart:

    if you feel it , love it so badly , can't stop thinking about it you should buy it whether it's match your wardrob or not ... believe me if you love it you'll manage to find what goes with it :heart:

    but if you don't realy love it it would realy a big $$$ waste :smile:
  7. Ladies I appreciate everyones thoughts on this so far... I have PLENTY of clothes so I know I'd have a ton of things to wear with it, so thats not an issue. And it is gorgeous... And I do love it. I just guess, my issue is whether or not I'd be able to wear it for years to come. Currently my Chanel collection is small (GST w/GH, patent Timeless clutch, and med soft hobo ALL black) But I almost wonder if I'm jumping on the bandwagon, since I know this bag is so coveted, KWIM? AGHHHH the confusion continues! (thank god my SA is super understanding- I guess it helps that we're close friends!)
  8. Why do you think you won't be able to wear it for years to come? B/c it's metallic? or the color?

    Is there something else you have your eye on?

    I agree -- it's not a good idea to spend all that money because it's coveted. It has fit your lifestyle.

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Depends on your own whether u need her. Is it becoz due to trend that everyone is gettin one, which means u must have one. Well, i'm not craze abt the MP reissue after it launched.

    Besides, my concern abt the special treated leather, i know it may fade off as time goes by.
  10. I agree with Celia.
    I'm passing on the metallic reissues as well...and I do wonder what's wrong with me becasue everyone seems to be loving it so much. But, in the end, I'm sticking with what I love and the metallics are not for me.
  11. no i don't think you're crazy. it's a matter of personal preference. im sure you've already imagined carrying the purple reissue a thousand of times, but maybe your mind's not set or convinced to get it. no need to force yourself with a very expensive bag. you have a week to think about it, well, here's a thought. think whether you can't live without the purple reissue on your wardrobe. so if you can think you can live without it, pass on your reservation. personally i love, love the purple reissue! goodluck!
  12. I think you should really see the bag in person before passing on it.

    with the flash the Metallic purples look like gigantic Christmas ornaments but I think that it's just the flash doing this! The metallic blacks that I've gone through always turn up the "volume" 10 notches with the flash, but in reality it's a sheen that is totally understated.
  13. Hi, sorry to ask u this question, but I really love the purple reissue 227, may I know your SA contact so I can take your purple reissue if u will pass on the purple?

    Thanks a lot! :smile:
  14. nope, i don't think you're crazy b/c i'm passing up on it too! metallics are not for me and i don't wish to go through the pain to see the treated leather fades / peels / not being able to withstand the test of time. i am all for practicality than trend!
  15. I don't think your crazy at all, I felt the same way about dark silver last season, thought it might be too blingy and I wouldn't get much use for it. In the end I waited till this season and bought the smaller size instead, so it wouldn't look too flashy and now I love it. I know how easy it is to be caught up in the forums excitement and purple while being a great pop of colour does not work with everyones wardrobe. The metallic navy or brown seemed more neutral to me.