Am I being unreasonable about the Chloe Ava price?

  1. I really love the Chloe Ava bag! They have two small
    (mocha and tan) and one medium tan only on bluefly right now but they are still over $1000. After much researching on TPF, I've noticed a few people managed to buy the bag well below this price in sales.

    I'm in Australia and the bag here retails for AU$3000!!!! That's the beauty of being down under and having duties and taxes added on! Obviously paying less than half of that is great, but one of the bags at bluefly is the only one left and has no further markdown apart from their standard 20% off plus if I were to use a code.

    Also undecided about whether I want the small or medium the mocha or tan. Mocha is only left in small. Can any Ava owners comment on which size/colour they picked and if they are happy with their choice months on? THANKS!
  2. I have the mocha Ava, shoulder bag style. Retails $1190 in the states and got it in bloomys on sale for around $450. Am not sure if it is medium or small, but it is really roomy for my things. I usually put wallet, car key, home keys, cell phone, perfume spray, coin pouch, and sunglass case. Really light and soft leather. Did you check Does it have one on sale? I thought or also have them on sale too, but i don't know if they ship overseas, maybe other tPfers can help??!
  3. Australian duties and taxes are insane. I live here... the paddies are like $800 more expensive.
  4. They had the Ava on NAP about a week ago for around AU$1000 incl post. Sold out I think now.
  5. I own 2 Ava's, I totally fell in love with the look and the leather, it's a WOW bag. When I walk into a store like NM or Saks, the SA's notice my bag first thing and always compliment me on it, especially my large Ava, it's like the bag makes the appearance first, it is a stunning bag. I purchased the largest Ava (orig. retail $1980), and then I purchased the shoulder version of Ava during the sales. They are both in the antelope color. I even considered the medium in moka when the sales were so great. So, to answer your question, I would say go with the one that best fits your needs, I find I tend to carry the shoulder bag (smaller) more, it's not as bulky, but love the look of the larger.
    Re: price, I've seen a couple on e-bay for less, but be sure to have them authenticated. The Bluefly price is not bad, and considering they are getting harder to find, and you really want the bag, I would go for it--also check the deals and steals for a Bluefly code for discounts.
    I'm attaching pics of mine.:smile:
    bags july 07 001.JPG DSCF1863.JPG
  6. Love your bags...I wish Chloe can make more Avas with more colors!

    Also, since the leather is so soft on the Ava, when I wear mine, it tends to slouch and kinda of hug the body a bit. I imagine with the larger size, it will slouch and hug even more.
  7. I have the Moka medium satchel and I just love it. The leather is sooo soft and buttery and it definitely is an eye catcher. I don't think you'll find one cheaper than the BlueFly price since all the great sales are over. Maybe on will pop up on Neiman's as a return but if you really want to the bag I would pay the BlueFly price. Good luck on your decision.
  8. The Moka Ava's still available and on sale on NAP!!:heart:
  9. thanks for your replies ladies. I found something on eBay for the auth thread.:smile:
  10. Thanks acshih, I agree the leather is scrumptous, I think the Ava is great, I'm still thinking about the moka:rolleyes:, maybe in the tall satchel................ONLY if I find a real steal.
  11. Its been put back up on the UK NAP but it must be a return as it was gone the other day. I dont trust their returns :sad:
  12. I have the large chloe Ava in Moka and got in during those great sales, around $720. The leather is wonderful, the bag is really different though from the paddy, more sedate.