Am I being overly sensitive?

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  1. (sorry if long...)

    I have a Mono French wallet purchased in 2005 that was in excellent condition minus one little piece of glazing that came off on the closure. The SA suggested reglazing so, early-AUG I sent it for repair & mid-SEPT it was back. I did a quick inspection of the edges & it looked great.

    After I got home (2hr drive) I noticed something a bit OFF. The glazed edge on the back of the french purse part of the wallet looked really crooked, like someone cut the edge & glazed over to cover up??? I wish I took photos. I didn't have time to go back. On 10/2 I walked into a different LV store & asked the SA if it was just me? She agreed it was crooked & offered to send it back so repairs can look at; hadn't seen anything like that before. I thought all was well willing to wait for what repairs would say.

    Later that week I found a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 in stock & rushed to purchase.

    Happy about my Speedy, I called 10/12 to see what they could tell me about my wallet. A different SA questioned why it was sent back because all wallets stretch from wear. It wasn't a "stretch" question it was why is my wallet crooked in a place where it is stitched if they don't take the wallet apart just to reglaze?

    This fiasco, is causing me to second guess my Speedy purchase. It's still sitting flattened in the dust bag with my receipt; unused.

    I feel like I want to return the Speedy before the 14 day deadline for a refund & get my wallet back & never buy LV again...

    Am I being overly sensitive?
  2. Well , it has happened to a friend of mine before. Her bag was sent for repairs and came bag with a scratch. Its mostly because they wouldn't usually handle it like you would.

    You should go back to the original store where you sent it to repair the first time , and tell them about the problem rather than taking it to another store. This way when you go back to the other store they might say its not their fault and it might have been from the store you took it to next.

    I think you shouldn't take it too personally and take it east. And the Damier speedy is lovely you shouldn't return it. And its a wallet , you would probably keep it in your ba or pocket a longer time than you take it out , so relax and enjoy your new bag !

    Hope you can solve the wallet problem though , best of luck ! :flowers:
  3. I can completely understand your frustration and why you'd want to return your speedy. My galliera was recently sent out for repair and it came back looking worst than before I took it in. You paid a lot of money for your purchase and expect it to look like one.
  4. I don't think you're being overly sensitive at all. I'd tell them again that you're not happy.

    I'm actually waiting on a wallet coming back from the repair centre at the moment. It was less than two months old and had barely been used when I had to take it into the store, so I wasn't very pleased - I thought they might offer me a replacement, but I'll wait and see what sort of job they make of the repair.

    I hope you managed to get this sorted to your satisfaction.
  5. That's a shame, I would feel rotten as well, and turned off. But give the speedy a chance, it's a lovely bag and more worry-free than a wallet. Hopefully the store that did the original repair can help you out better. GL!
  6. I sent in my Compact Zipped Wallet for repair once a few years ago. LV repaired the entire leather panel inside. My brand new wallet was originally made in USA. LV did an excellent job repairing that leather panel and it returned as "Made in France" wallet.

    Waiting time was about six (6) weeks. It was definitely worth the wait. My Compact Zipped Wallet returned in pristine condition. :smile:
  7. Don't you only have seven days to return and fourteen days to exchange?
  8. HI, No its 14 days to do a refund and 30 days to do an exchange... at least this is what a SA told me and the LV website operator any ways but correct me if they were!!!
  9. Nutz, you might be right. 14 days is much better than only 7. I wonder where I heard 7/14 though.... maybe another brand? Who knows lol
  10. I completely understand how you feel. Usually bad experiences ruin the fun and pleasure we derive from the things we love especially if the unpleasantness is connected to the brand of the bag we like. I kind of felt the same way with my Trevi PM -- had to go through multiple exchanges to get the right one and had to deal with rude SAs in the process. It kind of ruined the excitement for me and made me even lose interest towards my Trevi for a while.....but it's too beautiful a bag to not love again though!
  11. You are so justified in feeling frustrated. For the prices they charge, you should expect to get goods that hold up, and if they do need repair the uninformed SA should refrain from such comments (they accepted it for repair, after all, and are charging for it, I assume). LV in general is extremely durable (look at all the vintage stuff on this board!!)Most of the SAs are very helpful and would never say something like that, so I hope this won't turn you off LV altogether. I say enjoy your Speedy!!