Am I allowed to join this forum???

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  1. Im not so rich as you guys that uy LV's daily:drool: I have to earn so hard from the $ that my parents give me weekdays, I only have a Monogram Pochette Cles and I think my SA is hating me lol!

    anyways can I join???
  2. anyone who loves lv can join. welcome!
  3. If ya love LV, you belong here for sure!
  4. welcome, 16boy.. :dothewave:

  5. Welcome! I'm sure you're not alone when it comes to saving up for an LV..The feeling when you finally get it is priceless!
  6. Welcome!! Dont worry about not having thousands of LV's lol.. (I only have 2 small items and a speedy). This place is to show your interest in fashion etc not necessarily just to flaunt ! :yes: I'm sure you'll fit in!
  7. Of course! I started with cles too and it was very difficult to buy more things for me coz I can use only my pocket money (my parents hates LV). Welcome!!!!
  8. omg! My parents hate LV too!
    I hate it!

    And thankU Guys!:yahoo:
  9. Of Course you can join!! There is no minimum shopping requirement to join!! Plus your SA shouldn't hate you for not spending a lot, they should like you regardless!! Welcome to Purse Forum!! :yahoo:
  10. Change the SA! I changed them a lot, until I found my perfect SA!!
  11. sure u can join. every one is welcome.
  12. all LV lovers are welcome :yes:
  13. YES! I was a lurker but decided to take the plunge in the LV forum, and now I can't stay away! :yes:
  14. every 1 gets addicted here.. haaa
  15. Welcome to tpf, this is a great place to learn too.