Always bought Birkin 35- could I go for 30?

  1. I love big bags, as I always carry tons of stuff. I'm really comfortable with my 35 Birkins and have even two in 40 (those are actually more for travelling)..

    I've seen a very special, light coloured croc Birkin in 30cm which I would see as a great summer bag for myself.. What do you think, is it going to be way too small for me? :confused1: I don't have any Birkins in 30, so I really don't know how much stuff they can carry in the end. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks. :heart:
  2. I know there are a lot of lovers of the 30 size here, so, this is just my opinion...
    I like my Birkins to be what they were designed to I am used to loading them up with lots of stuff. For me, the 30 feels small. It has less of a tote feeling and more of a handbag feeling. When I need something smaller, I find myself reaching for a Bolide or even a Kelly. Maybe someday I will try a 30 Birkin, but for now, I am sticking with the 35 size. The exception might be if I absolutely had to have a Birkin in a bright color. Then I would go with the 30. I feel self-conscious carrying a bright Birkin in a 35 and usually carry the neutral or dark ones.
  3. I think we usually gravitate towards certain handbag sizes. You seem like a 35 40 kind of gal. A 30 might be too small for you for everyday use, and won't get too much use as a result.

    But since you're contemplating a 30 in croc. Then this becomes a specialty bag which you use for special occasions. Maybe a 30 will do in this instance.
  4. Thanks for advice! I still keep wondering.. :s Bright colour and croc.. It might work better in a smaller size for special occasions.. Geeeee, it's really difficult to make up your mind! :p
  5. You need to ask yourself when you are going to carry it. Can you carry less to the occassions that a bright color would work for?
  6. How about a 32cm HAC ? I love them !
  7. A croc bag is special, and I bet you'd probably consider it a little different from your other 35s. I would think I'd be a bit more careful with a croc, and the 30 makes that a little bit easier to manage off the cuff.

    Plus, I tend to carry less in the summer. If you do, too, this would be perfect... just enough space for what you need!

    :graucho: Enabling
  8. Yes, Angelfish, and I would only use it for more formal occasions, not as a jam pack it up tote bag.
  9. this is EXACTLY what i have found -- like you, i prefer the 35 and for work even the 40. but i had an opportunity to get a bright croc birkin 30 at an affordable price, and i decided to give the 30 a try. and i LOVE it - though i don't think i'd be happy with a 30 in a regular leather, for some reason the combo of bright and croc works for me. and it holds more than i thought it would, too.

  10. This is a beautiful pink croc.
  11. I have a turquoise 30...and I like it. I carry my 35's as more everyday bags.
  12. Wau! Thanks to you all. DQ, your bag looks just amazing. I thought I would get a bright blue for summer.. And yes indeed, I tend to carry less "junk" in the summer :graucho: ! So the 30 might be just perfect.

    I guess I should get it... Why oh why must they be so expensive..!?! :girlsigh::nuts:
  13. i personally find 30cm to be a great size. you can still use it for day and night. its an ok size for any event. plus in brighter colors i usually prefer 30cm. cuter look
  14. Wow. I always liked 35 but after looking at 'Dressage Queen's pink 30 croc, i'm in love with smaller birkin for croc. If you are going to wear it for more dressier events, 30 is perfect especially in a exotic skin. I think if you want to wear it everyday, I would go with 35.

    Now I have to add 1 more purse to my 'love' list.....
  15. I was a 35 girl, now have a 30 in a bright color (orange), and really like it. I use it differently from the 35s as it holds less, but it's certainly nice to have some variety in a collection.