alto owners

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  1. does the open top bother you? is it okay? thanks muchly!
  2. sorry can you post a pic of this bag, I dont think ive saw it, is it discontinued ?. Thanks :flowers:
  3. i'm terrible at posting pics- it's basically a large mezzo w/o a zipper. why didn't they put a zipper on it????
  4. Aw, too bad about the bottom on that one!
  5. Yeah, the bottom on that Alto is :yucky:
  6. sorry but I think is ugly
    so clumsy
  7. It's such a extra large tote would not need a zipper.
  8. I think the Cabas Alto is discontinued. I like the Cabas Mezzo better since it has a zipper. The Alto seemed too large.
  9. I love mine, it is so deep, it doesn't really need a zipper. It is not akward at all.
  10. The Cabas Alto is one of my favorite mono LV's. The fact that it's "convertible" is really a non-issue because when you wear it on your shoulder the bag is closed under your arm. It depends on you though... If you find yourself gravitating towards Buckets and the like then open tops don't bother you. If you gravitate towards closed top bags then you may not like the Alto.
  11. Here's a shot of it in a group that I call "The Biggins!"
  12. Open top is OK but it does get really heavy as you tend to carry more things because of it's size. I used mine for travel when I had one. I can't see it being an everyday bag - it's HUMONGOUS!!!
  13. What scarf is that?.. its so very cute :smile: